Laundry meshes make life so much easier when it comes to moving dirty washable nappies from the bucket to the washing machine, simply line the bucket with a mesh bag and then all you have to do is lift the mesh bag with the dirty reusable nappies in it and put it in the washing machine - the washable nappies will then work their way out of the bag for cleaning (don't pull that drawstring!)

The Eco Egg is a great alternative to detergent and it puts an end to the bulld up of detergent in washable nappies.  We stock the Eco Egg and refills for it, they are available in unfragranced and fragranced.

If you want to sanitise your nappies the easiest way is to add a santiser to the wash, we stock the Bambino Mio Nappy Fresh, many of our customers continue to purchase this long after their children have potty trained as it will santise laundry, particularly useful at times of illness.