Little Lambs Velcro Wrap

Product Code: LLWRAP
Brand: Little Lamb

This is the latest version of Little Lamb Velcro Nappy Wrap
Save even more by buying a multipack of wraps (mix sizes and colours in the pack).

These wraps can be used over any two part style nappy including terry squares and prefolds as they have a gusset.

Manufacturer's recommended sizes:

Size 1 is ideal from 7 - 20lbs
Size 2 from 20 - 38lbs *
Size 3 35lbs+ 

* We have found that although it may be a bit on the bulky side initially the size 2 nappies will fit from around 16lbs (or less if your baby is on the chunkier side) and this is the size we would recommend you buy if your baby is in the weight range 15/16 - 20lbs as you are unlikely to get much use at this stage from a size 1.  The size 2 will give you more absorbency at a time when your baby is likely to be wetting more.

If you have found that your wraps have been working OK but you start to get leaks from around the waist or legs it may be that you need to move up a size of wrap even if your baby is not at the top of the weight range.  As a baby grows the gap between the top of the nappy and the top of the waistband diminishes and the closer the nappy sits towards the top of the wrap the more likely it is that wetness will be pushed out over the top of the wrap resulting in wetness on clothing.

Colours available:
Hazy Sun (yellow)
Spice (orange)
Candy Floss (pink)
Big Sky (blue)
Apple (green)
Grape (purple)
Blue Moon (pale blue)


£8.25 inc. tax

Customer Reviews

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bomboroof 5 product stars
"These wraps are amazing - contain even the most explosive toddler poos and I've never had any leaks even when the nappy has been absolutely saturated. A little bit on the bulky side but worth it for their reliability." Sarah - 26/07/2014
Little Lamb wraps 5 product stars
"Love these wraps! No leaks so far. Nice snug fit over little lamb nappies and easy to put on to a wriggly baby. Am buying more!" Rachel Middleton - 22/11/2014
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