Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy 20 SET

Product Code: LLBAMBOO_SET20
Brand: Little Lamb

This is one of our top sellers and offers fantastic value for money.

We also sell packs of just nappies which you can order with accessories (you can then choose different wraps to use).  Most wraps will work well with Little Lamb Nappies.

Our very popular BUILD YOUR OWN LITTLE LAMB BAMBOO NAPPY KIT. You only select the accessories if you need them (and do not pay for things you do not want).

You can select the quantity of each size of nappy and wrap that you require.

Select a maximum of 20 Little Lamb nappies and 6 Little Lamb wraps
(please specify wrap colours for each size in additional information box at checkout). If you require more than 20 nappies and 6 wraps you need to purchase additional sets - setting the number of nappies and wraps to exceed more than 20 nappies and 6 wraps will not do this.

This set contains 20 Little Lamb Bamboo nappies, each nappy comes with 1 Little Lamb fleecy liner and 1 Little Lamb bamboo booster (loose in size 1s, stitched in sizes 2&3) and 6 Little Lamb wraps, it does not contain accessories, these can be added separately if required.

Please specify colours of each size of the wraps in additional information box.
Colours available:
Hazy Sun (yellow)
Apple (green)
Grape (purple)
You can mix sizes of nappies within a set, please specify in additional information box (there is a surcharge on bamboo size 3 nappy).

Our Little Lamb Nappy Sets do not come with accessories as standard as we realise you may not need them, when ordering a set you can add accessories at a reduced cost 

If the accessory you want is not listed then please specify in the additional information box and we will be in touch and will arrange it for you if possible.

Bamboo is a highly absorbent fabric which retains a silky soft feel after washing much better than cotton making it an ideal nappy fabric.

This three sized bamboo shaped nappy offers a snug, secure fit at each stage of baby's growth. Weights given are a guide and fit is also dependent on a baby's build. 

Manufacturer's recommended sizes:
Size 1 is ideal from 7 - 20lbs
Size 2 from 20 - 38lbs *
Size 3 35lbs+ 

* We have found that although it may be a bit on the bulky side initially the size 2 will fit from around 16lbs (or less if your baby is on the chunkier side) and this is the size we would recommend you buy if your baby is in the weight range 15/16 - 20lbs as you are unlikely to get much use at this stage from a size 1.  The size 2 will give you more absorbency at a time when your baby is likely to be wetting more.

This nappy also includes:

  • Special cross over tabs at the waist combined with snug elastic ensure a good fit and excellent containment even on newborns.
  • Additional booster included with every nappy for more absorbency as baby grows - this is separate in size 1 for the slimmest newborn fit but is attached for ease in the size 2.
  • Inside the nappy core is a fleecy booster that adds to the absorbency of this nappy but not the drying time.
  • Fastens with velcro style Aplix.
  • Requires a waterproof cover over the top.

Please note that the main image shows product with additional accessories that can be added at extra cost

£127.50 inc. tax

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