12 Little Lamb Onesize Pocket Nappy

Product Code: LLOSFA_SET12
Brand: Little Lamb

This is the latest v2 One-Size pocket nappy from Little Lamb which is getting great reviews and rivals some of the more expensive pocket nappies in terms of quality and performance but at the price of eBay cheapies.
This set contains 12 nappies, you can add accessories if you require them (for extra cost).  You can mix colours within this set.

Colours available: Snow (White), Apple (Green), Grape (Purple), Jade, Hazy Sun (Yellow) and Red
The previous microfibre boosters have been replaced with super-absorbent bamboo boosters as customer feedback suggests that microfibre results in compression leaks. 

The length of the rise has also been increased in line with customer recommendations.

The cover is made from s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y knit and coupled with a clever snap configuration you can alter the size and fit as baby grows.

The pocket on the inside of the nappy lets you slide in the absorbent bamboo boosters prior to fitting onto baby. Pocket nappies were developed from the all-in-one style - where the layered absorber was sewn inside - but they took an age to dry.

The soft lining that sits next to babys skin is a super-soft microfleece that draws away moisture to the bamboo boosters, protecting babys skin.


Each One-Size pocket nappy comes complete with two of our famous bamboo boosters. As there are no bulky seams on the booster they dry faster than the equivalent made from cotton.


With pocket nappies the most important thing is to get the boosting right for your baby's need, a light wetter may only need one booster, most will need two and possible three for overnight.


The elastic is super-soft to prevent chaffing baby's delicate skin and with proper laundry care will last and last.

This product surpasses EU regulations for dyestuffs and fabric in constant contact with baby's skin. 

Originally OSFA was an acronym for one-size-fits-all but now it is a generic term for a non-sized pocket nappy. As this latest version has a higher rise, feedback suggests they fit best from 10lbs to 30lbs (4.5kgs to 14kgs).





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Customer Reviews

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Little lamb ofsa pocket nappy 5 product stars
"Great nappies and great price" Marija - 20/05/2016
Comparable to bumgenius v4 and at a much better price! 5 product stars
"Having done a lot of research online, I decided I wanted to use the Bumgenius pocket nappies when my baby was born. I got a few Bumgenius v4's to try and got on really well with them, but when I came to order more, v4's sold out everywhere and v5's not available yet. The price of the Cloth Nappy Shop multibuys for Little Lamb pockets convinced me to give them a try and I've got on with them so well, I've bough enough to complete my nappy system. The bamboo inserts are much softer on dry hands and therefore more pleasant to stuff than the microfibre ones that come with the Bumgenius v4's and the flap over the pocket of the nappy is better designed on the Little Lambs, so less chance of baby's skin coming into contact with the insert. The Little Lambs are fractionally more fiddly to do up, having three poppers to close and not two as on the bumgenius, but once you've done it a few times it's fine. The fleece lining of the nappy is soft, but not quite as soft as the lining of the bumgenius, but if you're using a liner with the nappy this doesn't come directly into contact with your baby's bottom anyway, so makes no difference. I suspect I may need to buy additional inserts for night when my baby is bigger, but might have needed that with bumgenius too. I'm really happy with these nappies. They work well and are 1/3rd of the price I was expecting to pay!" Sarah - 29/02/2016
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