Boosters and Liners

All washable nappies can be boosted.  Boosting adds extra absorbency to the reusable nappy, different fabrics have varying absorbency levels.  Many pocket washable nappies come with microfibre inserts and many people find that these do not give sufficient absorbency. We stock boosters from Little Lamb and Baba+Boo which can be used in any brand of pocket reusable nappy.

Boosters can be added to two part washable nappies as well, this is particularly useful at night time when you need that nappy to last for up to 12 hours.  Can't fit any more boosting inside the two part reusable nappy?  Simply add it to the outside of the washable nappy between the cloth nappy and the wrap - you might find you need to increase the size of wrap.

Liners are designed to catch solid waste so that it can be disposed of, we stock fleecy liners which help to keep moisture away from your little ones skin and paper liners to dispose of the poo down the loo.