Cloth Nappy Shop - Frequently Asked Questions about using Reusable Cloth Nappies

1.  Which is the best cloth nappy?

Everyone has an answer to this, the truth is that all cloth nappies do the job they are designed for, just some are better in certain circumstances.  For example, you may like a all in one or pocket style nappy for during the day as they are easy to grab out of your changing bag.  At night, you want a nappy to last until the morning, so you may prefer the absorbency that bamboo or microfibre two part nappies will give you.  You may therefore have a few different types in your nappy system.

2.  I don't have a tumble dryer, which nappy would you recommend?

A tumble dryer is not essential to use cloth nappies successfully.  Many nappies now come out of the washing machine just damp and dry in a few hours on an airer.  Natural fabrics such as bamboo do take longer to try so you if you want to use these you will need more nappies.

3.  How many nappies do I need?

The question you first need to ask is how long does it take you to wash and dry your nappies as this will determine how many you need.  As a rough rule of thumb, 2 days worth of nappies is sufficient for quick drying nappy options and 3 days worth of natural fabrics (for example bamboo or cotton)  that are line dried.

4.  What temperature should nappies be washed out.

We would recommend 40 degrees if washed with a nappy sanitiser and detergent or 60 degrees if only washed with detergent.  If washing at 40 degrees you can add in other items such as bibs, muslin cloths and towels.

6.  What should I use to wash my nappies?

Different manufactuers of nappies have a different answer to this (for example, some say don't use detergents with enzymes).  Our advice is to use a regular washing powder, no need to buy a special nappy wash, however, we do recommend that you DO NOT USE liquid, gels or tablets, we have found that these can affect absorbency of nappies over time. And the other no nos are DO NOT USE FABRIC CONDITIONER or ANTI LIME SCALE products (eg Calgon).

6.  What do I need?

15-20 nappies and 4-6 covers in each size (covers not necessary if using all in one style nappies).

We would recommend dry pailing your nappies (not soaking them), so either use a waterproof bag or a nappy bucket lined with a mesh bag (have two mesh bags so that you can replace it when one is in the wash), the mesh bag makes it easier to transfer your nappies into the machine, they then work their way out during the wash cycle.

Nappy sanitiser or tea tree oil to enable you to wash at 40 degrees.

Biodegradable liners if not wanting to sluice washable liners.  Not necessary on a breastfed baby, but you may find it desirable on formula fed and weaned babies.

Washable wipes - make cleaning the messiest nappies much easier and they can be washed with your nappies.

Terry Squares - great for lining the changing mat and absorb accidents on plastic changing mats.

If you still have questions then please get in touch we are here to help

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