Flat Nappies / Terries

Flat nappies take washable nappies back to basic.  The terry reusable nappy is still going strong, but rather than fastening it with a nappy pin we have the Nappi Nippa which makes holding the nappy together much more user friendly.

All the wraps that we sell can be used over the terry square - if you buy your terries from us we will supply you with a folding sheet, it isn't as daunting as you think. 

Terries should also be a staple of your "baby kit" - we have found them to be great at lining changing mats - no one wants to lie on a cold plastic mat and they also soak up any accidents that may occur whilst the nappy is off.

Many people use muslins in the early days and of course most parents have musins to hand wherever they are - the Muslinz range that we now stock are a very good quality, much superior than many of those available on the High Street.