Washable Wipes

Washable wipes are fantastic, even if you don't use reusable nappies.

They are great for cleaning faces and bottoms, store them dry in your changing bag and wet them as you go or you can wet them before you go out and store them in a plastic tub or a waterproof bag and they are ready to be used (don't store them wet for too long).

Washable wipes will not leave any nasty after tasty if used on faces and won't sting the delicate skin of bottoms (disposable wipes will remove gloss paint from the skin so you do have to wonder what is them!)

We stock terry and bamboo wipes and due to popular demand we have launched our own range which are a very generous 20cm x 20cm.

Bamboo wipes can be added to our fantastic value Little Lamb Nappy Kits as an extra accessory.