Reusable nappies come in a range of styles from the basic flat nappies to more modern shaped washable fabrics to pocket cloth nappies where the waterproof cover is built in.  Whichever style of washable nappy you require you will find it at Cloth Nappy Shop.

Washable nappy fabrics include the super absorbent bamboo which are ideal for night time, quick drying microfibre and eco friendly organic cotton.

Reusable nappies come in sized or onesize.

We stock reusable nappies from major brands including Little Lamb, Charlie Banana, Blueberry, Applecheeks,  Bright Bots, Baba+Boo and Tots Bots.

If you are unsure of which reusable nappy will suit your needs or how many you will need to purchase please do not hesitate to get in touch.